Tuesday, October 9, 2012

3 Tips for White Teeth

Whitening is a very popular trend in today’s world. I’ve noticed that it has become a lot like coloring your hair- everyone has standing appointments prior to big events. Any why shouldn’t they; after all, white teeth are beautiful and can make your face seem brighter. Keeping your gums healthy is just as important as any other organ in your body. I have a few tips and tricks for you to whiten your teeth and keeping your gums healthy.

Stop Stains at the Source:
Stains come from a variety of places. One of the sneakiest culprits that stain your teeth is your morning coffee or tea. We all have that habit, you know the one. We go to Starbucks or any local coffee shop for our “morning jolt of coffee” and rush off to work. The stain from the coffee stays on your teeth and builds up, eventually turning them dark. What can you do for a quick fix? Rinse your mouth out with water right after your morning coffee so that the dark stains are washed away.

Whiten At home:
For a cheap, at home alternative to bleaching, you can us my “special mix” of a little baking soda and hydrogen peroxide blended into a paste to brush your teeth for about two minutes; spitting is ok if necessary. Be careful because this can be abrasive so use it sparingly and only once per week. This mix will help remove the stains left behind by coffee, tea and red wine.

Visit Your Dentist
Your dentist can help you decide on the whitening procedure that would be best for you and your teeth. One long term solution that has become popular is porcelain veneers. For those whom have bleached and are still not pleased, porcelain veneers can transform crooked, yellow, or poorly shaped teeth to perfection. Veneers are fabricated from porcelain so they won’t change color or stain. The process involves removing about .5-1.5 mm off the front surface of the tooth to make room for the custom fabricated thin porcelain sheets that are placed on the front surface to create the “perfect & natural” smile.

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